BVC Instant Market Multiples

BVC Market Multiples Reports
Are Available Now
for 150+ Industry Sectors

Valuation multiples are key inputs to confidently estimate the value of a company. BVC has transformed its research capabilities, industry knowledge and experience in private equity valuation into a unique valuation tool: BVC’s Instant Market Multiples Report, which helps you select appropriate multiples relating to over 150 industry segments. BVC’s Instant Market Multiples gives you access to the same information that auditors and regulators use for review and compliance purposes.

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BVC Grows Enterprise Value

BVC CoreValue® Program
Increases Enterprise Value
for CEOs and Business Owners

Today, our mission is to implement a powerful value planning and creation program called CoreValue® that helps CEOs and business owners build more valuable businesses. CoreValue® enables you to transfer your company successfully, acquire new capital, or understand which parts of your company are working well and which parts need improvement so that your business, you and your stakeholders can continue to thrive and prosper.

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BVC Successes

BVC Credentials: Learn About Our Clients’ Successes and Examples of Our Transactional Experience

In recognition of our extensive experience, BVC was entrusted as the primary valuation advisor for the U.S. Small Business Investment Company (SBIC) Program—the Small Business Administration’s $24 billion private equity and venture capital family of funds—for more than five years. The SBIC Program provides funding to over 400 equity and debt funds. These funds have portfolios reflecting more than 4,500 investments, most of which are in companies driving the Innovation Economy.

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